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Our firm is led by Meldon Ellis, an experienced businessman and trial lawyer who has also owned, operated and led several businesses ranging from a small retail start-up to leading as CEO and Chairman of the Board for an international public company with 100+ employees, operations in several countries, and a multi-million dollar annual budget.

First hand experience in a diverse range of business situations combined with years of legal training and courtroom experience makes Meldon Ellis a unique strategic asset to advance your company's interests in court, in mediations, or at the negotiating table.

Meldon Ellis
BA, JD, Attorney, Barrister & Solicitor and Mediator

EBL offers commercial and retail
debt collection in British Columbia,
acting for US and European creditors
in the recovery of debts and
assets located in this jurisdiction, including business centres in the
Lower Mainland, on Vancouver Island,
in the Okanagan region, and
northern British Columbia.

Vancouver BC Canada-based EBL - Ellis Business Lawyers offers Mediation Services, Commercial Debt Collections, Business Law, Business Litigation and Tax Litigation Services. EBL is a boutique law firm located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, with an emphasis on:

Our British Columbia collections law practice provides a full range of collections law services for both domestic, U.S. and international clients, including advice and legal representation in commercial debt collection and retail and consumer debt collection matters. You can learn more about our collections law services and debt collection rates here.

At EBL - Ellis Business Lawyers our goal is to help you resolve your legal issues in the most cost-effective manner possible. We approach business law from the perspective of a business owner and put our legal skills and experience to work for you to accomplish your overall business objectives. In addition to offering alternative dispute resolution (ADR) strategies (such as negotiation and mediation) we also frequently act for BC businesses in business litigation matters, including contract disputes, construction litigation, tax litigation and shareholder actions.


Business News

May 2009
Ellis Business Lawyers are pleased to introduce Collections Advisor, Darius Martinez. His commercial experience and business nous excels in delivering significant collection results to clients. Feel free to contact Darius directly at 604.688.7374 or

March 2009

March 9, 2009 - Harvey Meller - Announced as joining Ellis Business Lawyers. Vancouver Sun & National Post article.
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February 2009
February 13, 2009 - Meldon Ellis appeared before Madame Justice Griffen.
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January 2009
Billable Hours Giving Ground at Law Firms. With clients watching costs, law firms are rethinking the billable hour, with some firms adopting flat fees instead. By JONATHAN D. GLATER. Published: January 29, 2009.
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December, 2008
Ellis Business Lawyers welcomes Mr. Harvey Meller to the team. Mr. Meller joined EBL after working for Roberts & Stahl.
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